Why We Wrote the Book

Collaboration Soup BookWhen asked by a local non-profit Executive Director to create a guide for self-facilitated groups we didn’t jump at the idea. We thought there MUST be something already out there that addresses this important topic. As we searched, we found many great books and references but couldn’t find anything that fit what we had in mind.

We were asked to write an article on collaboration for the local newspaper.  We each wrote a part and then attempted to merge them.  We ended up writing and re-writing each others’ words, trying to fit our thoughts and ideas together, and ended up feeling frustrated and not very collaborative.

Finally, we realized that if we just sat down in front of the computer together and talked about our thoughts, the words came out in a unique voice we began to call “DePau” which was the first letters of each of our first names.
These experiences inspired us to put the knowledge from our collective years of experience together and write this book. Collaboration Soup contains our best practices, techniques, and processes that can be used by anyone. With practice you can become a Collaboration Soup master chef!

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