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“The authors have a great recipe and show you the proper ingredients, knowledge and techniques to create your own award winning dish of collaboration. This is an easy, fun read that provides a good and quick process review.”

Mike Poehlman, Former Chief of Police, Reno, Nevada


“This book is just what I was looking for when we were setting up self-facilitated groups who wanted to work together to find new solutions. One of the pre-requisites to a collaborative event should be to read this book.”

Rick London,  CEO, United Way of San Luis Obispo County


“For several years, we’ve utilized the easy-to-use tools provided in Collaboration Soup to resolve conflicts, empower our staff, and achieve transformational results within our organization.”


Jim Salvito
President and CEO
MNS Engineers


“After working with the steps of Collaboration Soup recipe, I can look back at past meetings and see why some meetings just didn’t work and how to correct them.”


Joanne Main
Atascadero Chamber of Commerce


“Congratulations on a very engaging, readable guide. Collaboration Soup is all the support you need to design better meetings and get more positive outcomes.  You will be able to draw out everyone’s wisdom and participation in your next meeting.”

Dr. Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer
President and Founder


“It is well written, offers enough information to be useful without too much detail and it’s fun to read.”


Charles Feltman
Business Coach and
Author of The Thin Book of Trust

“What Julia Child did for cooking, Delia and Paula do for Collaboration.”


Lynda RaeGrant Writer


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