This blog is a forum for online community conversation about how collaboration helps people do great things…together. Let’s learn, share, dialog and celebrate how we are collaborating to achieve great things. We invite you to visit often, and to contribute. We know that great results happen when people combine their wisdom on a shared problem or passion. Our passion is inspiring and supporting you to do great things with others, and we will be sharing ways to do that.

In this complex and rapidly changing world, it is a group’s collective wisdom that will discover new solutions and possibilities.
And . . . it’s more fun when we achieve great things together.

Please join us in sharing your collaboration stories, challenges and triumphs as you work with others to make great things happen. Post below what’s of interest to you — your questions, challenges and successful collaboration stories. Write about your recommended collaborative resources. Let’s have meaningful conversations here to inspire and support all of us as we collaborate to MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN. . . TOGETHER. Please take a moment to share about:

  • What collaborative projects are you involved in?
  • What great things is your group accomplishing?
  • What challenges are you facing?
  • What resources on collaboration would you like to recommend to others?

In Collaboration,

Paula and Delia

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