How To Be Unhappy

Wow – Check out this great article AND amazing comments- How To Be Unhappy.

I wish I could say I wrote this-but I didn’t (I guess I’m admitting to Unhappy rule #2.) I wish I could say that Chris Guillebeau is my new BFF – but he’s not, although we both have French names. I found this inspiring man and his incredible message and website as I was searching the labyrinth of the internet. He writes about non-conformity through life, work, and travel.

Being in the business of helping others succeed in business, Delia and I share the importance of understanding and breaking through our human resistance to greatness. Chris’ recipe, as well as all the comments, lighten up a challenging aspect of being human. We know how to be unhappy – and do that really well – but can we continue to overcome that sink hole and really soar?


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