Four Pillars to Build Strategic Business Alliances

Yesterday we had the pleasure of practicing what we teach – growing strategic businesses alliances. We live on the beautiful Central Coast of California in a county of 250,000+ people and are fortunate to have incredibly talented professionals who call this home. David Ryal, Director of Mission Community Services Corp, an entrepreneurial non-profit, has a monthly public access program High Profile and needed a last minute fill-in for this month’s filming. Delia and I quickly got into gear and thought it would be fun to do a program on Building Strategic Business Alliances, with professionals we know that specialize in three of the four sectors we talk about:

  • importance of knowing yourself
  • establishing and maintaining trust
  • developing effective systems to make business life easier

We contacted Jim Seybert, Charles Feltman, and Erin Hoffman, and they all said yes. Delia and I wrapped up the program with our 6 Step Recipe for engaging others in co-creative conversations and tips for intentional networking. It was a win-win for everyone and we all had a great time. The program will run in August on  Charter Cable Public Access Television Channel 2 in San Luis Obispo 10am on Saturdays, 1pm on Sundays and 9pm each Tuesday. We’ll post a link when we get one.

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