Find Your ROI-Return on Interactions

We had an opportunity to be #1 response to a business blog on ROI-Return on Interactions.

We have begun to work with entrepreneurs to help them find, filter, nourish and monetize their strategic business alliances to grow their businesses.

Here’s what we had to say:
Know Yourself, Get Out of Your Head, and Connect Deeply. Today’s savvy entrepreneurs know we “can’t do it all” ourselves anymore and it’s not just about making money anyway. It’s about really knowing what we love to do and what we want others to do and creating the opportunities to connect and find out what others need as well. This requires personal and business assessment to be clear about what we have to offer.

Next is to find others who have complimentary businesses and recognize all the internal sabotaging conversations like “why would they want to talk with me?” or “I don’t have anything they would want” and IGNORE THAT INTERNAL DIALOGUE. Now it’s time to find out what would help others the most to succeed.This is where the magic happens. This becomes a co-creative conversation rather than another boring Chamber mixer.

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We hope you find it valuable.

Paula and Delia

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