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What people say….

“I started out looking for affiliates and now I have exciting potential revenue streams being created from new collaborative business relationships.”
Polly, Recovery Mentor and Blogger

“Our conversation really opened me up to possibilities I hadn’t even imagined.”
Erin Hoffman, Productivity Coach

“I can’t help but think about each connection I make and how I can expand on what you have taught me.”
Traci Ferguson, Realtor

“Thank you again for a splendid, engaging, and brilliantly insightful discovery process.”
Adele Sommers, Ph.D., President, Business Performance Inc.

“It set the right mindset for me as I approached a relationship with a new client and enabled me to make a strong first impression with them.”
Geoffrey Berwind, Presentations Consultant

“The two of you really live collaboration and connection. You are my heroes.”
Judy Guarnera, Board Member, SLO NightWriters


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